CPG500 Track Laying Machine

Main Components

Main Working Machine

Gantry Crane

Rail Pulling Tractor

Top View of Rail & Sleeper Transport Wagons

Drive Wagon with Gantry Crane

CPG500 track laying machine is using single sleeper & continuous operation method, this model comes with track & sleeper laying function. It consists of Rail Pulling Tractor, Main Working Machine (including Erecting Car and Auxiliary Power Car) Drive Wagon, Rail and Sleepers Transport Wagon (Optional), Gantry Crane and its power system, hydraulic system, electric control system and etc. This machine can be designed for track laying of different rail/track gauge standard, i.e. range from UIC standard gauge to broad gauge.
Overall Track Laying Productivity at 300m/hr
Maximum Track/Rail Laying Length up to 500m in Single Run
Traction Tonnage up to 2500tons at 12% Gradient
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